Arena Boulevard Febo Kiosk

New Design of stand alone Pavilion at Arena Boulevard - Demolition of existing Febo Kiosk of 450 m2 and expand to a mature building of 1.250 m2, with two floors and a protecting canopy around the façade to create a more human scale.

The objective is to create space for other concepts besides the Febo and Baker Street; like New York Pizza, the Coffee Company or Mooz. There is space at the event plaza and the ground floor and open spaces to set up shop.

With the Ziggo Dome, the Afas and the Ajax stadium, this is a square with at least 9 million visitors each year. In addition to a concert or competition, these people are also looking for a fast snack. Most will prefer to sit in the square or be protected from the elements by a shelter or canopy in the new pavilion. This will give a much more human and friendly ambiance on the boulevard and during events.

Total new surface: 1.241 M2
Design and submission: december 2017
Start of construction: september 2018

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