Hamam Kreuzberg Berlin

Hamam Berlin, The Turkish Bath for Women, is a project of the Schokoladenfabrik – Women’s Center in Berlin. Located in a former chocolate factory, it was founded in 1988 as the first hamam in Germany.


Our Hamam cleanses and cares for the body and soul. It promotes not only the purification of the body and exploration of pure sensory pleasure, but also collective relaxation and communication between our guests in a warm and pleasant atmosphere. Our Hamam is a place where women from all cultures and walks of life work, meet, and unwind.


Spending time, bathing, and plunging in the Turkish baths has become a luxury far away from the stresses of our everyday lives. Here, the body and soul can enjoy bathing in the temperate warmth of comfortably lit spaces. The warmth, humidity, foam, and fragrances of our Hamam, as well as the sense of touch through revitalizing massage, produces a sense of wellbeing and an absolute symphony for the senses.

The creation of a women’s hamam was already envisioned back when the Schokofabrik was first established in 1981. Since its realization, it has become a vital space for collective interaction, engagement, and relaxation for women of different cultural backgrounds living in Kreuzberg and beyond. The Frauenzentrum Schokoladenfabrik e.V. will celebrate its 30th anniversary on October 21, 2011.

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