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Spa Ammerseehäuser Wellness Bayern

Our guesthouses were completely renovated in recent years with great attention to detail, and expanded with a new building with a cafeteria, spa, media and relax space. Welcome to a place where your well-being comes first. Come in and relax in the 'oasis of the senses'.

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Hotel Schloss Teschow****

Nestled on a natural park, this Colonial-style hotel is a minute's walk from Golfclub Schloss Teschow and 5.3 km from the 14th-century city gate Malchiner Tor. Hotel-Schloss-Teschow by Rosenthal interiors Other amenities include fitness and wellness centers with spa treatments, a glass-enclosed pool and a sauna. Read more

Wellness Paleis Soestdijk

Concept Proposal Future Wellness Soestdijk Palace Wellness Paleis Soestdijk by Rosenthal Interiors Proposal 'Relaxing at the Palace' Wellness is a general concept and consists of six elements / concepts, which in today's society are becoming increasingly important as well as an increasing awareness of the importance of both physical and...
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