Geberit Toiletten

The premise of this concept is to experience an inspiring toilet within different sectors: hotel industry, catering and hunting and shipbuilding. The designs include flushing technology from world leader Geberit. Rosenthal Interiors has been designing and developing for 25 years, mainly in the hospitality and leisure atmosphere, with an emphasis on design, construction and furnishing of Spa and Wellness Resorts.

Vision exploitation and technology
In this sector, technology plays a big role in order to achieve maximum experience for both guests and operators. In addition to the seamless processing of walls, floors and sinks, the flushing and drainage features are also integrated in high quality. Designers often opt for beautiful tiling and a beautiful faucet, but they do not chose the technology that actually fits. A guzzling shower drain or visible drainage systems do not fit within the atmosphere of these branches.

Therefore Rosenthal chose sophisticated technology that is incorporated invisibly into the design. The result is the realization of four inspiring toilets with matching technique and its own atmosphere.

gerberit toiletten rosenthal interiors

In the toilet which gives an almost restaurant experience, is elected for a building reservoir in black glass with LED lighting. By combining this with concrete walls in style and bright spots, the atmosphere resembles a club. The marine toilets used are special Geberit flushframes which use less water to flush. The ceramic tiles with wood effect are easy to maintain, yet reminiscent of finely crafted materials.

All-sink drains are hidden in the wall with a special wall siphon. Easily accessible for maintenance, but not in view of the public. Ideal for hotels, clubs and catering businesses.

The seamless processing of thin ceramic plates for both sinks, floors and walls is quite special and unique. Every one-piece toilet seems hewn from stone, yet they all have a different atmosphere. Appropriate for a ship, hotel suite, club or luxury spa.