Project Development

(Example: Hotel Sportcomplex Diemen & Pavilion Arena Boulevard Amsterdam)

Redesign or new construction
– existing situation analysis
– program of requirements
– typology and new design
– final design
– application for environmental permit

Project Management for consultations with the municipality
– reports (ground, energy, safety, space, environment)
– include users / tenants in process
– draw up specifications
– tender with contractors
– construction management support
– delivery and after care

Hotel Sportcomplex Diemen

arena paviljoen

Customized design for premium brands

(Example: Wild Oyster Champagne Bar Taittinger)

Design / upcycling
– wild oysters upcycled / re used
– champagne compte rosé exposed with soft colors
– allure and elegance
– excellent symbiose of oysters and champagne
– natural composition

Colors and materials
– wild oysters handpicked in Zeeland
– re used in tabletops
– oysters placed in colored gris vert resin
– layered from milky to transparent
– mat or polished surface
– bar socket in gold metal brass

Customized product and furniture design

Concept and development

Sustainable wallpanels handmade by artists
– wall covering for large scale production
– visitors experience handcrafted walls instead of industrial
– texture gives good protection against vandalism
– intense colors provide high quality
– less joints, more hygienic
– soft colors give an soft, intimate touch

wallpaper rosenthal interiors

washing bowls laufen rosenthal interiors

Customized product and furniture design

Engineering and development

Customized washing basins in public area
– a high quality experience for visitors
– soft touch if solid material surface
– form of bowl like a ‘classic’ soap bar Chanel 1943
– 3D drawings, look & feel from Rosenthal
– technical drawings from Rosenthal
– moulds for production from Laufen

Special Design Experiences

Engineering and development

– washing bowls for Krion
– pedi-spa water massage for Mr Fish
– visitors restrooms for headquarters Geberit
– public toilet fro Q-park Museumplein
– touchless equipment in restrooms

washbasins rosenthal interiors krion