NS Sanifair: Denim Concept

The NS- Sanifair Sanitairy Sustainable Denim Design Project was won by Rosenthal Interiors for the European Tender in 2016 for creating a sustainable innovative concept for their ‘natural toilets’. It was built at 24 locations (NS Train Stations) in 10 months in the Netherlands, with the German Operator Sanifair GmbH.

We live in a hectic time when traveling, working and relaxing is not always possible … still there should be resting spaces in public areas. These toilets offer a chance to obtain this feeling.

Simplicity and luxury go hand in hand here, just as functionality and hygiene.

With the new Denim Eco Toilet Toilet concept, Sanifair opted for a high-quality appearance. This was done by the use of stony materials which give a fresh and natural look, with luxurious dark blue denim indigo hues and the rough of the Corten steel plates.

Denim is hot, both worldwide and in the Netherlands and Amsterdam is the Jeans Capital of the World. Denim is timeless and accessible and has a beautiful structure that we want to show on walls and finishes of doors. This is mounted on durable sheet material, by-products of sugar cane and organic resin.

The great visuals at the various locations in the Netherlands all depict a typical cityscape or building. Thus, in Amsterdam Zuid, the Edge can provide an innovative sustainable building and attraction to the spot, and at Amsterdam Central, there is of course ‘t IJ!

SANI_NS NL_Rosenthal Interiors

Denim hotpants are the most normal thing in the world for the iPad generation. The mirrors in the bathrooms have indirect LED lighting, towel-dispensers of organic cotton and containers upholstered with recycled denim fabric. This provides a welcome, calm and contemporary feeling, accessible and yet also give a safe and luxurious feel to the toilet visitors.

The dark indigo shades give the feeling of luxury. Hygiene is provided by fresh beige stony floors and sinks. A contemporary feeling is created by using Corten steel. The Denim theme provides timelessness and accessibility for both adults and children.

Here is an impression of the opening of one of the restrooms in the Amsterdam Centraal IJhal, by the NS management and Sanifair on 21 april 2016.