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Geberit Headquarters Zwitserland

Ontwerp nieuwe Lobby, vergaderkamers en toiletten en wastafel collectie Geberit Hoofdkantoor Jona/Rapperswil Zwitserland


De Europese martkleider voor spoelsystemen gaat zich komende jaren ook richten op het verkopen van wastafels, kraan systemen en bezig houden met andere 'non touch' hygiëne issues.

Pavilion Arena Boulevard

New Design of stand alone sustainable pavilion at Arena Boulevard - Demolition of existing Febo Kiosk of 450 m2 and expand to a mature building of 1.500 m2, with two floors and a protecting canopy around the façade to create a more human scale. Also a beautiful roof terrace located on the south side,...
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Arena Boulevard Febo Kiosk

Expansion Arena Boulevard Febo Kiosk - Demolition of existing Kiosk of 450 m2 and expand to a mature building of 1392 m2, with two floors and a roof terrace on the south. Arena-Boulevard-Febo-Kiosk Arena-Boulevard-Febo-Kiosk The objective is create space for other concepts...
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Toiletten Geberit

An inspiring toilet The premise of this concept is to experience an inspiring toilet within different sectors: hotel industry, catering and hunting and shipbuilding. The designs include flushing technology from world leader Geberit. Rosenthal Interiors has been designing and developing for 18 years, mainly in the hospitality and leisure atmosphere, with an emphasis on design, construction...
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